Tadich Grill

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240 California Street | San Francisco, CA

Tadich Grill is one of those old “San Francisco Traditions” restaurant you may want to try if you are in the City.  A Croatian-run restaurant since 1849, the restaurant looks a bit ancient next door to the newly minted (relatively) Perbacco and Barbaco next door.

Their slogan “the original cold day restaurant” gives a hint about the restaurant’s storied past that involves immigrants from Croatia, many relocations due to San Francisco’s expansion efforts, and of some political follies that lend to the naming of this restaurant, amongst other details… Don’t worry, it’s on their menu cover, so you can read it there…

We came here on a wintry day…very appropo I suppose.  We ordered the Pork Chop and a Minute Steak.  I recommend the steak but not the pork chop.  Everything’s a bit old-schooled here…  I felt a bit like I was back in 1800’s except that I wasn’t.  Oh, one more thing, very loud in here. So prepare to eat, and not talk much to your dinner partner unless you like yelling.