thoughts about a conversation

G commented yesterday about my CMA award posting.  He said, I had no idea that you still like country music and wow, who’s Lady Antebellum?

Me: *crickets*

G: Yes?

Me: Lady Antebellum is the estranged lover of LadyGaga, and the distant couisin twice removed descendent of Ladybird Johnson who’s not really related to them but shares the same family first name of Lady.


Me: Yeah…truth is stranger than fiction sometimes.

G: [Hangs up on me and privately wiki the internet for the truth…]

G: [calls me back] Ha ha, very funny…so, what’s your favorite song by Lady Antebellum and wow, that’s a group?

Me:’s “American Honey”, that’s why I gave a shout out…I thought the guys were cute.

G: Oh…

Well, this post is going nowhere really, except I love the song “American Honey” [LINK] and I really do like american honey although in a different context. Especially organic local honey. I will post more about the different varities I love later. Hope you all enjoy your week, and my other favorite song as of late is “Amazed” by Lonestar because life is amazing and beautiful. Here’s a youtube LINK to the song.

And G, thanks for being a good sport and playing with me as always! 😉