slow food, locavores, and wellness in corporate america

Our company had a bit of celebration today due to wining a prestigious award.  So in turn, it celebrated by inviting local food artisans, vendors, and television personalities to our lobby and filled the place with music.

Well, if you build it, they will come…and they did…

The employees had a fun-filled afternoon learning about unique local businesses, organic produces, and sampling food products.  They learned about businesses that sells organic produces, sample cheeses from cowgirl creamery, dipping bread into different flavored organic olive oils from o olive oil, stuffing themselves with chocolate-dipped strawberries and chocolates from danville chocolates, lining their pockets with free lunar bars, organic apples, and even a free tomato?  And dreaming of california poppies with free seedlings courtesy of navlet’s garden centers.

I heard one employee exclaimed, “Wow, it’s like shopping in the supermarket here except it’s free!”


While I tried to sample the foods, the line was ridiculously long. I did take lots of pictures to share and I am really excited about the push of eating and shopping locally as well as incorporating our wellness plan into this event. Well done.

On my way back upstairs, I ran into my boss and he asked, “Was it any good? Should I go?”

I replied, “Bring a cart.”

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