Fuzio Universal Bistro

Fuzio Universal Bistro
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Updated 5/13:  I went to Fuzio again and tried their tomato & cheese pizza and calamari.  Just fyi, if you are eating by yourself, the pizza is more than enough food.  It’s huge and I couldn’t finish either dish.  Taste-wise, the pizza is really awesome. I am really surprise at how good this is. Better than some of the pizzas I got from pizzerias.

The dough is not too thin or thick and just enough chewy-ness.  The cheese, tomatoes, and basil tasted fresh…

Older Post – I went to see a movie a few days ago, but before that, I went over to Fuzio for an appetizer dinner. Aside from breakfast, I love appetizers. Especially crunchy fried appetizers. This is the stuff that throws me off my salad diet.  I had the vietnamese-inspired spring rolls and the crunchy calamari.  And to make myself feel better, I had a tall glass of water.  Do I feel a bit guilty, yeah, but it’s so worth it.  This Fuzio is located in the Embarcadero.