Thoughts about Cafeteria Food

I attended public elementary, middle and high school, so I do know a thing or two about cafeteria food.  While G and I seldom compare notes on public v. private school lunches, we agreed long ago that most of what they used to serve us (regardless of public or private) were fatty, non-healthy, and greasy options.  Don’t get me wrong, I have fond memories of some of that food, but that doesn’t make that type of food, good food.  However, these days, I seem to see more options for kids to eat healthier meals. Or at least, they (schools) are trying to improve it so that they can help kids adopt healthier eating habits and I see that as a good sign…

The university I currently attend (soon to be attended) also have cafeterias, but even though it’s a departure from K-12 cafeterias, they still have that institutional feel to it.   The hair net, et al.  And to make matters even more complicated, the company I work for also have a cafeteria.  Perhaps this is the reason why I like to eat out so much because I am surrounded by institutional cafeterias and I have a need to break away.  Especially so since I live in a very vibrant food city.

The one thing I truly do appreciate about my work cafeteria is the salad bar because it does provide the healthy choices I should opt for. I said should because they also offer the greasy burger options. Lol.  And sometimes, in spite of best intentions and effort, I do opt for not so healthy choices.  Ugh, but yeah, it’s the truth.  Anyway, this is the chicken salad that I threw together last week before I went back upstairs to attend a meeting.  Not too shabby right? I do try. 😛  Oh, I almost forgot…my work does try to help us eat better. Probably in aligning with the work place wellness plans, they try to offer us healthier options like sushi fridays which I (and many other colleagues) do enjoy. So to end this optimistically, I do think that many companies are trying their best to offer healthier options.  But ultimately, the real choice is each individual’s choice to opt-in.

So, does your company offer a cafeteria? And what kind of food do they offer? Do you like the food?