My thoughts on the CMA Awards

Shout out to the group Lady Antebellum for the song, “American Honey”  LOVE it!

I love country music, okay, to be honest, I love soft country. This sort of happened by accident because one day a long time ago I was channel surfing, and I found that I related to a George Strait song. And the rest is history. While I do not have time to keep track of all the country songs I ever like/love, or keep up with the latest artists (so many), I felt that country has definitely earned a place in my heart. So in celebration with watching the CMA, I am drinking my version of sweet tea with the Meyer lemons. A toast to country music and a true American tradition! 🙂

Yay to Miranda Lambert on wining the top female vocalist of the year…also to Reba, Brooks and Dunn, Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum, George Strait, and many others…

2 responses to “My thoughts on the CMA Awards

  1. Good post! I love sweet tea – and the Meyer lemons … well, I used them in the Swedish Visting Cake you saw on my blog and didn’t think you could bake – oh so easy! You can do it! With your Meyer lemons, 🙂

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