I was really inspired by my company’s effort to do the right thing.  I think politics aside, there are people here that strive to do better for the company, for others, and for themselves.  For instance, I was very impressed by the neat display they tacked up in the cafeteria today.  It illustrated what items are compostable, and what are recyclable, and what constitutes garbage.

As we are moving toward a greener model, we are faced with old habits, such as people mindlessly tossing stuff into trash that could have easily been sorted into recycling or composting bins.

Many people, including yours truly, sometimes take things in to-go containers, yet would just linger in the cafeteria to eat.  What a waste!  What we should have done is opt for their silverware and washable bowls instead, so that those things can be washed and reuse.  So simple, yet so difficult to do because of convenience.

While convenient is good in some respect, it often creates bad habit and I am the first to admit that bad habits are hard to break.  So these little reminders (Earth Day, tack-up boards, etc) are quite helpful and certainly inspires me (and hopefully, many others) to be mindful of our planet.

Happy Earth Day everyone!

(official day: April 22)

p.s. the food and compostable wares makes good fertilizers, so it’s a win-win to compost. 🙂