DIY: Blueberry Wine Sauce


blueberries with cinnamon and sugar

add in red wine

simmer blueberry sauce, let it cool

After our visit to Farina a week ago, I attempted to cook my own version of the blackberry wine sauce.  And to my amazement, it came out pretty good.

As with every experiment, multiple testings are needed to ensure that the results are exactly the same.  Since I tested with blueberries (couldn’t find any organic blackberries), I used the same fruit today to test.  The only variance is that I don’t have any fresh blueberries available, so am using a batch of frozen ones.  Tasted good actually.  Will cool it and let it sit for a few days in the fridge to really get the flavor out. In a few days, I may make some dishes to showcase this little sauce.  Or I may just spoon it on top of everything I eat.  Lol.