Coriander Gourmet Thai

Coriander Gourmet Thai

(Inside Westfield Mall)

Coriander Gourmet Thai Kitchen on Urbanspoon
865 Market Street |  San Francisco, CA

Back at the food court today to do some investigative food journaling. Okay, that actually sounded serious. Ha ha.  Well, the table next to mine was having a grand ole party. These teenagers were taking lots and lots of pictures of themselves, the food, the people, and more photos of whatever catches their fancy. So I was eating my food, ducking behind my big scarf and dark glasses, and talking on the phone with G.  “Hey there, how was your day? Mine’s just duck-y.”

I had green curry with chicken (spicy and yum), spicy basil chicken, and white rice. They don’t offer brown rice here. 😦  I also had a helping of Thai iced tea and to even out, I had a tall glass of water.