Referencing The New York Times Article: First Camera, Then Fork

I saw the article posted on The New York Times yesterday by Kate Murphy about people who photograph food.  I really enjoyed reading it and decided to put a link to it HERE.

My personal thought on this article is that it’s timely because I have just started my blog about food and dining out.  And judging from all the camera flashes and phones held up while dining out, I think that there are many of us joining this bandwagon everyday.

I think each one of us do this type of blog for ourselves.  Some do it for accountability as pointed out in the article, and some for amusement.  I started this blog because I found that I ate out way too often to only remember a few details after the meal.  And sometimes I don’t remember at all.  With the photographs, I remember why I was there, and what I ate. And the feeling of the moment.  It’s almost like smelling freshly baked chocolate chip cookies can jot someone’s memory about their childhood.