Pho Hoa

Pho Hoa

Embarcadero 3, Street Level | San Francisco, CA | (415) 399-9099

I had to run some errands for my work the other day that required me to be around the Embarcadero area.  And being that it was around dinner time, and I had a spa lunch (meaning: tiny salad and water), I was starving.

That’s when I saw Pho Hoa, I breathed a sigh of relieve knowing that I can get some affordable and yummy options at a noodle place. Yay! 🙂

I ordered the #3 Pho Tai, Bo Vien (noodles with steak and meatballs) and imperial rolls.  It came quickly, but I was not very happy with either dishes. The imperial rolls looked like it was Chinese spring rolls. (Note: I love Chinese spring rolls but not when I ordered Imperial rolls.)  And it tasted oily and soggy. It was filled with mushy ingredients (I am guessing taro and I like taro but am not expecting it here).  The soup tasted okay.  I ate the whole thing because I was hungry and I had already paid for it. 😦  I realized that this is a chain, so maybe not as authentic as the mom-and-pop operations I like, but oh well…it’s an experience.  At least on their website, they claim that they are a healthy option…so with my spa lunch, I guess I had a very healthful day?

I guess my point is that even though the good options (or what I initially thought as the good options) don’t always turn out exactly the way I wanted, I would still savor the experience because now I do know. Until next time…

Your thoughts?