Out the Door (to go)

Out the Door, Westfield

845 Market Street

San Francisco, CA | (415) 541-9913

I took dinner to go today at Out the Door Westfield (SF Shopping Centre).  The food court at that mall is pretty awesome, so will blog more about the other options in later postings, but let’s get back on track here…

So I took this dish to go. It’s the stir-fried beef over vermicelli noodles.  I don’t love it because the beef was a bit tough.  But I have had their dishes before (dine-in) and they were good.  So could be just today.   Some of my other favorites (and I do not have pictures of them right now) are the wonton noodle soup, chicken bun, and the radish cakes. Omg! The best radish cakes! So good!  Next time I go, I will have to repost this.

Okay, I didn’t order any of my favorites today, just the vermicelli with beef and a bottle of pellegrino to wash it down.  Should have stuck with the trusted favorites, but again, it’s an experience.

The Pellegrino is good as always! 🙂