Happy Garden

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Happy Garden
815 Clement Street | San Francisco, CA | (415) 387-4011
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Here’s what we ate for dinner last night.  We went to a typical Chinese restaurant where the decor is abysmal, but the food is good.  We started off with tea.

Then went right into the main course.  Since “Ong-Choy” (water spinach or if you really wanted to get all technical, it’s Ipomoea Aquatica. LOL. I got that from wiki) was in season, G and I opted for that.  Anyway, you can have it with either with garlic (illustrated in picture above) or you can go all fancy with “fromage de soja fermente” which is a fancy way of saying with fermented bean curd cubes (smells a bit like aged cheese. Hmmmm….)  But seriously. It tastes great either way.  G just prefers garlic more, but I like both.  Try it and let me know what you think…

We also ordered the Braised Tofu with Meat and Shrimp.  This is an awesome way to introduce someone who eats meat with tofu.  If you have never had tofu and you are thinking about trying it and you have only heard bad, bad things about tofu..you need to come here and try it. It’s that good!  (Just so you know…I despise (yes, that strongly) those salad bar tofu things. Ugh!)

The third dish we had was the Hong Kong style (noodles are fried extra crispy) with Beef and Bok Choy. G loves this dish.

And the best part of all is that we got left overs to take home.

Hope you are having an awesome weekend! 🙂