Walking around Portland and riding the aerial tram

We took a lot of time walking and exploring the city. We were looking around when we happened upon Portland State University’s Farmers Market.

A lot of vendors sell there. I love all the yummy foods and drinks. Below are some photos I took of things I thought look good or interesting.

If I could, I would love to capture for you how green and lush everything is. The only downside is that if you suffer from allergies (like me), make sure you bring your meds with you because you will need them. The pollen count was pretty high.

Why is everything so lush? In between beautiful weather, Portland rains quite a lot.

Before coming to Portland, I researched to see what’s interesting to see and do. I found out that Portland has an Aerial Tram that carries people up and down from OHSU. Since we don’t have an aerial tram in our city, I thought it would be exciting and fun to ride this tram. 🙂 Of course, we rode it when it was raining and there were a lot of people on the tram, but it was still pretty cool. See all the photos I took from inside the P.A.T.

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Do you have an aerial tram in your city/hometown?

We will continue with our recount of Portland adventures in the next post. Have a great week!