Got all philosophical about ole things…

I have not been checking into the blogosphere in a very long time. I have to admit that I don’t miss it. Life is constantly changing and we just move along. No need to look back right? One of the things I do miss is the interactions here. So at G’s urging, I am sharing a few details. I can say that I have been very busy, but so what?! Everyone is busy.

So aside from life & work, there was a period where I quest for the perfect LV bag on the secondhand market, only to discover that the best part of questing for an object is the pursuit. Don’t get me wrong. I love my LV bag(s), but the problem with getting them second-hand is 1.) they may be fakes so you will have to be careful; 2.) that they are always somehow flawed. For example, I have one now that I and am contemplating about fixing the almost broken strap. So the strap wasn’t technically broken when I first got it but I somehow used this particular LV bag kinda hard (i.e. put my work laptop that weights a ton into it and chug it around town.) Sad. So it’s partly my fault, but whatever, it will get fixed one of these days and it’s a lovely find and I am very happy to have it.

Another recent find is a Lilli Ann wool coat I recently got from Portland, OR. Yes, I went to Portland. I will update with some pictures soon. So the coat needs a lot of TLC to restore back to its former glory and boy did it stank when I got it. It literally smells like parts of Portland but that’s another story for another day. Haha. And no I am not hating on Portland. In fact, it’s a lovely city and I like it quite a lot. Anyway, I got the coat home and now in the process of cleaning and restoring this lovely coat. By cleaning I meant that I actually put it into the washer the second I walked in the door and washed it. Don’t worry I know what I am doing and no I did not shrink the coat in the dryer. It still smells like an old wool coat but it doesn’t stink anymore thankfully!!! Oh and did you know that the coat is actually made in San Francisco and sold in Portland back in the 1930s – 1950s? (I have to do more research obviously.) So the coat is old but I felt like it’s now coming home. Weird isn’t it? And because the fabric is actually from France, I may or may not be wearing it to Paris when I finally go visit…soon. Well…let me see if I can fix it first. I am very ambitious about these little old clothes/purse restoration projects but I sometimes get a bit too excited and ahead of myself. 🙂

I think part of why I get so excited about discovering these old gems is that part of us is like these old coats, purses, jewelry and whatnot. We were all made perfect (in the eyes of god/creator) and we all led interesting lives. Some more than others. The stories the old can tell us. So while we don’t want to look back too much and repeat the past, we can always learn from them and keep the best part of the past in the present.

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