Reblog / Link back: Victor Travel Blog

This is the 45th of a 51 series of posts on my reblog or link project. We are coming toward the end of the project and may link multiple sites starting next week because we are running out of room and time. (Ahhhhh!)

Today, we are travel surfing on Victor Travel Blog. The blog’s got great photos and honest writing. For example, on the recent Madrid post, he posted about the beautiful architectures and the not so perfect aspects of the city. These things happen all the time, yet not many travelers will detail them. I know that I don’t always do so. And people tend to overlook things sometimes or they will remember the very good or the very bad, but the details in between, mostly we forget to write them down once we come back from travel. Thus, it’s so refreshing to read it! My most recent favorite post from this blog is about Neuschwanstein Castle.

Explore the blog and enjoy your visit. Happy Saturday everyone!


9 responses to “Reblog / Link back: Victor Travel Blog

  1. It seems like everyone has travelled but me! Hubs has been almost everywhere in the world, almost, and my son has too. I’ve been to Greece and Germany and a few places in the US. It’s fun to read about your experiences.

  2. What a stunning reblog! I will probably only see these places in my dreams and within the blogs! I love the histories, memories, and photos. What a beautiful blog; including yours!!

    • Thanks Judy. I hope to visit some of these places in real life too, but for now, it’s amazing to be able to do so via others’ blogs. 🙂

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