My few days in Paradise ~ Costa Rica (Part 4 of 4)

If you missed the earlier parts of our adventure, you can read them here, Part I Part II and Part III.


We got back to the Nicaragua-Costa Rica border fairly late. And after what seems like a really long drive back, we went out to dinner a little before midnight. We were both tired and hungry. And of course, we had to get some cocktails. Yum.

Pacific Lobster, Costa Rica

Pacific Lobster, Costa Rica

The next day. We went to the beach. Actually, it became an all day event. We went to a few beaches. Playa Flamingo, Playa Conchal, Playa Brasilito, Playa Tamarindo, just to name a few.


On our way to the beach

At one of the beaches

People biking on the beach

beach costa rica

beach costa rica01

pelican costa rica

beach costa rica 02

All the beaches have pretty good seashells ready for the picking. I especially like the spiral ones from Playa Tamarindo. It looks like the Turritella communis. Maybe the same or similar family. I will show pictures of it on my next post.

Nia and I spent a bit of time at each beach. That’s the good part. I will give you the bad news after this tongue twister…

She sells seashell by the seashore.

The shells she sells are surely seashells.

So if she sells seashell on the seashore,

I’m sure she sells seashore shells.

The bad news: The Customs will not let you keep your shells!!! They dumped all of Nia’s shells in a basket.  **tears**

view from my tamarindo beach chair

For the rest of our stay, we shopped, we went to the beach, we ate out, and relaxed at our pool.

Some people are probably disappointed that we didn’t do zip-line or do more adventurous stuff, but we are okay with that. There’s always next time, right? 😉

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  1. Lisa, beautiful skies and beautiful beaches! Sad about not being able to keep your shells. You had the fun of it all though!!

    • Thanks! Yup, I blog that in for you actually. I wasn’t even going to mention the shells because Nia is quite devasted that they threw it all out. She was going to give it to her boys to play with. I know. But I thought people should know, so they don’t get their hopes up like we did and then get dashed. Thanks for liking my blog background. 🙂

  2. How come your comment section is close on your Part 1. Your photography of the delicious plates there are so magazine-like.
    The water here are very inviting. It’s okay that you didn’t get to take home the shells. Because then, there something for future visitors to easily take notice of. 😀

    • Thanks for letting me know about the closed comment. Having some problems with the blog. I think it’s user error. It’s now fixed. Secondly, thanks for your lovely comment about my food photos. 🙂 And as for the shells, yeah, you right. It’s probably better they are there.

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