A few days in Paradise: Costa Rica

Hi. Remember I told you that I will be away for a few days? Well, I hopped on a plane and went to Costa Rica with my best friend, Nia. We are now back and freezing in SF. I think I caught a cold somewhere between the last night there due to the AC in our hotel and plane ride. The weather there is at a balmy 90+ degrees.

In SF now with 40 degrees at night. I will be updating this blog slowly as I am still on CR time and very sleepy and nursing a slight cough/cold. Enjoy some of my photos and will talk more later. 🙂  Pura vida.

flying to costa rica flying to costa rica2strolling and sweating in playa cocoOn our way to a private beachsomewhere in the middle of crlittle sand crab in costa rica


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  1. Hi Lisa, easy to catch a cold within an airplane. On the other hand, what a great reason to catch a little cold! Your pictures look so peaceful, beautiful, and fun!! I have never been to Costa Rica, looks wonderful 🙂

  2. Hubs wants to plan a surf trip to CR. I can’t wait! I don’t surf, but I’m sure there’s something I can do, right? Did you see a lot of shells? It’s cold here in SoCal, too. Hope you feel better!

    • Hi enchanted seashells. Yes, lots of shells on the beach… I will blog more later. And yes, you will find plenty to do even if you don’t surf. Thanks for the get well wishes.

    • It was. Thanks Choc Chip Uru.Funny enough, I encountered someone here the other day that recommneded that I take a trip to India, so who knows, that may be a destination soon. Love your recent post on India + food. 🙂

  3. so this is where you’ve been hiding out – especially lovely boat shot. p.s.planes are certified to catch colds etc as they recyle the air 😦 get well soon

  4. Beautiful images of paradise 🙂 Thanks for your recent return visit and for liking ‘Mornign Light’ – your continued support is encouraging 🙂

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