Reblog / Link Project: Wind Against Current

Happy 2013!

Still traveling, so this is a preset post. This is also the 39th of a 51 series of posts on my reblog or link project. When I first saw this post, I knew immediately I want to include it in my link project for the new year. See the Emergence post and let me know if you agree. The blog Wind Against Current is the product of two amazing people, Vladimir Brezina and Johna Till Johnson. They take a lot of their photos in the water while kayaking in and around New York. They take part in many photo challenges on WordPress and their blog is full of wonderful photos that I am sure you will enjoy. So if you don’t already read them, you may want to. 🙂

4 responses to “Reblog / Link Project: Wind Against Current

  1. Excellent blog! Incredible emergence 🙂

    I hope the new year brings you and your loved ones rewards, success, happiness, and good health!!

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