Chili House: Delicious eggplant with basil dish

Chili House

Tried Chili House a few times and they served pretty decent Szechuan styled Chinese food. Not that I have ever been to Szechuan (yet) but one day…who knows. 🙂  Tasty food, gracious service and they make an effort to decorate the restaurant. They do play a lot of Celine Dion and Adele tunes though. Though I like some of the music, it gets tiring when you hear it again and again and again. So maybe some nice soft music would be nice, no singing.

We don’t have a picture of the dish called pancake with beef but we really like it. YUM. While they serve many Szechuan styled dishes, like many Chinese restaurants in the Bay Area, they also serve some Cantonese stables such as the Hong Kong Pan Fried Noodles (pictured above.) We also tried the eggplant with basil dish which was so delicious (the photo on the left.) The calamari (also above) is just okay. Overall, some misses, but a good addition.

Chili House | 726 Clement Street | San Francisco, CA

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  1. Love Adele and Celine Dion!! But the same songs would get tiring every time. 2 great foods – eggplant and basil; yum. It looks delicious. The pancakes with beef sound very interesting.

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