Reblog / Link Project: Two Girls, One Beer

This is the 33rd of a 51 series of posts on my reblog or link project. Today, I am introducing you to the blog, Two Girls, One Beer. This is a blog that talks mainly about beers. Check this blog out and keep enjoying your weekend! x

fun facts about me and beer:

first sip of beer probably at age 5 or 6 (probably one drop of beer in a big cup of orange juice. I think my nan indulged me, so that I stop crying, not that she encouraged underage drinking. )

first real beer I actually brought and drank was a rolling rock (i did not like bud or miller)

first bar I have ever been to was gordon biersch (it’s now closed)

my all time favorite san francisco beer is from anchor brewery

my faves as of late are ales (pale & dark).

5 responses to “Reblog / Link Project: Two Girls, One Beer

  1. Thank you so much for the link to Two Girls One Beer! It is morning here, but all of a sudden a cold Southern Tier 2xmas beer sounds great!!!

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