A few pictures from these past weeks…

American Bald Eagle Statue, Post Office


Yoda Fountain, Lucas Arts



October 28, 2012 | Pet Pride Day in San Francisco

(The above is a picture of a rescued rabbit. So cute. I learned so much about rabbits that day. Rabbits are intelligent beings and lovable, but one must take care of them properly. They are like babies. They need a lot of attention. So if you have a lot of time and the willingness to care for them, rabbits are lovely pets. Please do not buy them though, consider adopting from rescue groups and your local SPCA.)


October 31, 2012 | Pre-Parade crowd at Market and Powell Cable Car Turnaround celebrating the SF Giants World Champion Win

4 responses to “A few pictures from these past weeks…

  1. Beautiful way to begin a post with an bald eagle! Wow, love the statue. How big is it?
    Love the fountain! The rescued rabbit is adorable. They are exactly that – loving and a lot to take care of. Most dogs I have owned are from the SPCA, or from someone whom is ready to take them to the SPCA because they cannot afford them, and/or are moving, etc. You can get the most wonderful pets from there. My daughter now is beginning to find her dogs at the SPCA or rescue too. There are so many loving animals there that need a home. It is the saddest thing when you visit the SPCA because you end up wanting to purchase all of them. Excellent post!

    Congratulations SF Giants : )

    • Thanks for your lovely comment. I have no idea how large the eagle statue is. It’s not that big, but I know my picture made it look like it was huge. One of these days, I will have to go over there again and maybe measure it. It’s actually a set of two eagles. 🙂 As for rescued rabbits, I had no idea how much work it took until I spoke with someone. I don’t think I am the right guardian for them right now…but someone else may be. I think it’s so admirable that you and your daughter both adopt dogs. I definitely think that’s the way to go… Thank you.

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