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  2. I think this is a good interpretation. Not only the telescope is near and the sea is far, the telescope can be used to view the far

  3. Black and white always gives a little more emotion and pattern – nice decision…its all the more interesting as our eye is sent in the area of ”far” to the right, but we don’t get to see…

    • The monochrome decision was decided by the original post. I just went along with it and thought, well, if it works for the beach scene… I like how you explain it. Yes, if I didn’t know what’s on my far right, it would lead the eye there. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

  4. yes you’ve achieved it – I like the fact that you have 2 perspectives -‘ the binoculars and the out to sea’ on the horizontal and the vertical ‘disappearing fence’

    • Thanks Laura. When I took this photo, I just love how the lines of that fence goes straight down the line but I almost crop out the little bend before I posted this because I wasn’t sure if having that bend helps the photo? When I submitted this photo, my focus was just about what’s close – binoculars and what’s far – the ocean and the horizon. I love how you picked up the “disappearing” fence. So glad that I didn’t crop it out, yet I am still second guessing myself about this decision… Also, knowing where this is, that fence isn’t disappearing. Lol. Love that illusion though and thank you also for a very thoughtful and encouraging comment.

  5. This a good photo staying with the subject, “Near and Far”. I love it in black and white because that is where I started out in photography. Good composition.

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