My fascination with park benches

On this one particular visit, I was fascinated with park benches. Park benches are wonderful. They are mostly clean, wonderful places when one’s weary, and they are great to sit on when you want to read, think, or just watch people.

A lot of them (not necessary the one in the photos) in our city are dedicated to loved ones. I will pass one and read something like, “In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. XYZ” or “Dedicated to Mrs. HJK” or something to that effect. It makes me think about the people who gave the money to have that bench there and it certainly makes me think about the person that have their names on the bench. Like why would they do that? Who are they? What made them donate a bench? 🙂 Did the city need money and offered them a chance to memorialized their names or their loved ones’ name there, so they did it or they just really like park benches? Or their loved ones really like that park? Or…

Some of the names I do recognize because they are (or were) society patrons. But mostly, it’s people I have never heard of. I don’t sit on park benches a lot because I try to move around but when I do sit, I just thank them silently as I sat there because no matter what the motive, they gave each one of us a place in this world to sit at that moment in time and I try to practice being thankful for the little things in life…  Not an easy thing to do sometimes, but I do try. And they make wonderful subjects to photograph too.

Have a beautiful Tuesday everyone!


12 responses to “My fascination with park benches

    • I try… Not easy so i practice when i can. Also not teaching, like other topics, i introduce them as they come. Thanks for reading. 🙂

  1. I love to photograph park benches too. There is something poetic to an empty bench in a beautiful park! It might sound weird but… oh well 😉
    Have a great day!

    • Not weird at all. Park benches are interesting vessels. Yes empty ones can be quite poetic… Ones with people on them, well, depends. Couples, old, young, nannies, homeless, drunk, even pigeons… Probably missed a buncch of others. So no, don’t think it’s weird.

  2. Beautiful images. I enjoyed how you gave life and story to these benches. Isn’t it amazing how many people sat on them and how many people shared countless conversations? If only these benches could talk. I bet they have better news that reality t.v.

    • Thanks island traveler. Yeah, it is amazing that countless people sat on those benches and had those conversations. Yes, if they could talk…they will be most interesting. 🙂

  3. Benches in the UK do not usually have additional handles in the middle.
    So that homeless people can sleep on them at night. 🙂

    • There are some that don’t have that. I just like the ones from above because it looks so nice. Some are very worn and dirty… Nice to know that the UK benches are designed to be so friendly.

  4. I also have a fascination with benches. Why are more people not sitting on them? Is everything moving too fast for anyone to slow down, sit, and just do nothing for a few minutes?

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