Sarku Japan: Sizzling Teriyaki at the Mall

If you happened to be at the SF Centre mall, you can now check out this new franchise mall restaurant, Sarku Japan. They are giving away free samples and coupons. Food’s fresh and they cook it right on the grill after your order, so you do have to wait a bit.

I tried the Chicken Teriyaki served on vegetables and steam rice which happened to be their most popular item.

While I have to admit that the food is tasty and they claim that they do not add MSG  and uses 100% vegetable, I am just okay with this dish because I find teriyaki sauce really salty, and they put it on the food automatically, so I don’t really like that. But there are plenty of people who do like it and I saw them asking for extra teriyaki sauce, so if you like teriyaki-flavored food, and you are at this mall, you can try this place out.  They also serve sushi and maki rolls, but I haven’t tried them either.

LIKE: Hot, fresh, cooked to ordered food that includes fresh veggies.

DON’T LIKE: Too much sodium in food.

Sarku Japan | Westfield San Francisco Centre | San Francisco, CA
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4 responses to “Sarku Japan: Sizzling Teriyaki at the Mall

  1. Ha ha… We Asian are obsessed with MSG!
    So salty it makes your hair drop, literally.
    No wonder Asian people so hairless? 😀

    • Hm…are you asking? Why – All the Asian people I know have lots of hair…
      on their heads. As for MSG obsession, that’s not just an Asian thing. 🙂

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