San Francisco Fireworks Celebrating July 4, 2012

I was standing pretty high up and pointing toward Aquatic Park but a lot of building covering the shots, so I zoomed in on the fireworks instead of any landscape.  Condition: The fog is also heavy, so the fireworks do not look as glam as the ones I did for the Golden Gate Bridge’s celebration, but it definitely has its own character… I am not pleased with a lot of my pictures, but these are the few that I am sharing anyway. Second time photographing fireworks. If you have any tips you would like to share for taking better firework pictures, let me know. Thanks in advance.  😉

Happy Birthday United States of America! x



16 responses to “San Francisco Fireworks Celebrating July 4, 2012

    • Yup, I heard. I feel bad for all those people that was there… But it went out in a big Bang and must be the most talkabout fireworks! Always next year…

  1. First let me thank you for the like on my post :inside. Your fire works are great. Some times in life we have to change our plans the fire works was a good choice. Close is sometimes much better.

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