Mindful Monday: Step it up!

So I did say that I will update you all on my progress weekly until our little work challenge ends (some time in August.) I am doing this for selfish reasons. Since I spent an abnormally large amount of time on my blog lately, this once-a-week post really helps kick my butt into gear. So to speak.

I definitely do not plan on washing other people’s cars though that’s an exercise in itself. Besides, I just don’t like losing. Really, who likes to lose? Nobody! Because I am posting something every week about this challenge, this helps me stick to my goal to step it up.

So I got an email from my boss addressing me and one other coworker midweek (last week) saying that we (our team) may already be losing steam [WHAT!? We just started.] because not too many people are logging in their steps everyday. And she needs us to really encourage others to step it up and to we have to do something to help motivate others.

One of the things she suggested is have a progress chart so that others see it and get motivated.

While reading that, I was thinking, “But how do we get people to get motivated and step it up more when we are constantly so busy and sitting  on our behind all day?”

Bee on pelargonium (cropped from 3000x2000 image)

Bee on pelargonium (cropped from 3000×2000 image) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I realized that half of my walking goal is met by doing walking away from work. For example, on Thursday of last week, I walked 9,598 steps. Not quite 10,000 steps a day as I have envisioned (in fact, I didn’t hit 10,000 the whole week and this is the highest # of that week until today that is. Pathetic.), but I was a bit under the weather that day because it’s been so hot here and then it turned quite cold rather quickly on Thursday and then hot again on Saturday. Excuses, excuses. 🙂

So out of 9,598 steps on Thursday, I only did about a little under 4,000 steps at work! Shocker! I was totally thinking I would at least step 6,000 each day at work, but oh no, I did not. I actually did more walking after work and attending to things and such. So there’s that little matter of converting other things we do into steps, but I really didn’t have time for those either. Maybe this week!

However, I am happy to report that on Sunday (yesterday), I stepped 15,000+ steps and counting (because at the time of this post, it’s not midnight yet.) Yay! (All thanks to G because he motivated me to walk more today.)

No more talking. Here’s my goal this week. I will update you guys on my progress next week. If you have a motivation suggestion, please let me know. I may consider it for this little project. Thanks in advance. 🙂

Step It Up Goals for This Week:

  1. Create chart for team and set Goals

  2. Encourage coworkers at work and remind them that they need to log in their #s

  3. Encourage my team mates with pictures of people washing cars! Hahaha.

Any other suggestions?

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