Weekly Photo Challenge: Create Food and Let Your Imagination Soar

This is the giveaway bread “crab” that I took home after a work event. It has been at least a month now since we ate this. I am just seriously behind on my blog posts.


What is it, you asked? It’s sourdough bread shaped like a Crab.

Instead of Clam Chowder in a bread bowl like a normal person would, somewhere, the evil Prof. M. mutated with a mad scientist and created a monster! Muwhahahah!!!

Prof. M.:  First, the brain must be replaced! What the crab, Watson!?!  Watson, where are you? (Holmes went shopping for sheet music, so Watson went to assist Prof. M. at Holmes’ suggestion. Yes, I know in the other story, they are enemies, but here, they are work colleagues…)

Watson: I am right here, Prof. M. There’s no brain in here! We must have brains!

Prof. M.: Precisely what I said, Watson. Stop repeating me! Imbecile… (mutter, mutter)

Watson: Prof. Is this brain a good substitute? (Pointing to below specimen.)

Prof. M: It’s a bit too watery Watson, but I guess it will have to do with this experiment. Close up the patient and we will see what happens.

Watson: Ay-ai, Captain!

Prof. M smacks head in disgust. Oh that Holmes…

Prof. M says to creäture: COME ALIVE!!!!! COME ALIVE… I command you to…

Watson: Ahem (he interrupts the Prof.) Prof., I give you, Chicken Noodle Crab!!! Dinner is served!

Just then, Holmes came home with his sheet music and his landlady, Mrs. Hudson follows closely behind with some chicken and greens.

They all sat down and had a civilized dinner… Yes, all of them except for one. One who quickly grab his dark coat and disappeared into the dark shadow of the night cursing up a storm because he wanted to have a steak dinner instead… I leave it to you to guess which one that may be.


That’s what I created for dinner one night. Chicken Noodle Crab. Thankfully, no crab was hurt and no cussing either. Thanks for reading.

10 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Create Food and Let Your Imagination Soar

  1. Now, that is one unique and delicious creation. Crab bread with clam chowder inside…Mmmm and amazing. I remember eating clam chowder in San Francisco inside a sourdough bowl with Dungenees crabs…Mmmm….Thanks for sharing a post that fun with mouthwatering goodness.

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  3. That looks and sounds so much nicer than crab! Must have been Holmes, he’s always so crabby and wouldn’t want to be reminded of himself 😉

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