Village Grill: Fast food dining

After spending hours inside the San Diego Zoo and saw Pandas (ok, one more picture of Bai Yun… isn’t she cute? 🙂 ) and other animals, we left the zoo to explore other parts of Balboa Park.

Before that, we walked over to Village Grill and got something to eat.

Village Grill serves burgers, hotdogs, drinks, and ice cream.

Did I mention it was really hot that day?

Village Grill | 1770 Village Pl. | San Diego, CA

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9 responses to “Village Grill: Fast food dining

  1. Great Photo! Loved Exploring Balboa Park – went at like 7 am, so we could pretty much have the place to ourselves and happened upon a fashion photo shoot going on (had the same idea I guess). Happy Monday:)

    • Hi Renee, that’s probably how we should have done it, but we ended up going after the zoo, so did not leave a lot of time to explore. Definitely will be coming back.. 🙂 and yes, we saw a lot of weddings and quinceanera photos taken here. No wonder, the architectures are just so beautiful.

    • She may be or tired with everyone clIcking camera in front of her face. We are not allowed to feed them. Just watch and take pictures. They eat kinda loud. Very cute though. 🙂

      • Shame… In China, you can! If you pay a fee – they even let you feed a panda baby milk!
        And you can pet its back after feeding to help it burp. Aww isn’t this cute! Ha…

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