Millennium Restaurant: Sumptuously Green Vegetarian Dinner

Watch out, you are stepping inside Hotel California, and into Millennium Restaurant.

Millennium is an upscale vegetarian restaurant that serves delicious vegetarian meals. We came here weeks ago…

Bread with Chickpeas spread. YUM.

The meal started off with bread on the table with a chickpeas spread on the side. While we did not really like the bread, we were very keen on the chickpeas spread. It was so delicious. This is something that I will definitely make at home. So watch for that post. 🙂

For the 1st Course, we had smoked Portobello Mushroom Involtini which consisted of cauliflower-pine nut pâté, sun dried tomato & oil cured olive coulis, shaved asparagus-purslane salad, and herb pesto. The shaved asparagus was a surprise as it was hiding underneath the mushrooms. Lovely start.

For the 2nd Course, we had the Mirin Glazed Onigiri which consisted of English pea-ginger-miso purée (see that green swirl?), Shiitake mushroom & edamame relish, chrysanthemum greens, togarashi. I love this dish. It was so flavorful. The only thing I don’t get is why they put a skewer in the dish. Despite the illusion, the onigiri will fall right off if you tried to eat it off the skewer. Nonetheless, this was a favorite that evening.

For the 3rd Course, we had a choice between Fazzoletti or Risotto Cake. We got one of each to try.

Fazzoletti – Semolina pasta sheet, tofu-sage cheese, cinnamon scented pumpkin seed & fennel sugo, seared rapini with mushrooms, basil pesto, pine nut bread crumbs.

G didn’t really like this dish. He thought the broccoli rapini was too bitter.

Risotto Cake – saffron chana dahl & baby carrot tajine, braised green garlic, fava beans & spring greens, frisee salad with Medjool dates & Murcott tangerines, green chile harissa, cumin toasted almonds.

The Risotto Cake was kind of bland tasting, but the surrounding ingredients were very flavorful.

And for dessert, we had the Coffee Cake Bread Pudding with walnuts & chocolate chips, cherry-bourbon reduction, vanilla bean ice cream. Of course, if you are strict vegetarian/vegan, you can skip the ice cream. (We are omnivores.)

Such an awesome meal.

Service: Good.

Millennium | 580 Geary Street | San Francisco, CA
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14 responses to “Millennium Restaurant: Sumptuously Green Vegetarian Dinner

  1. These all sound and look delicious. Just in time for Meatless Monday. Is this the hotel of the Eagles song? Thanks for stopping by at Colltales, as usual. Have a great Sunday.

    • Meatless Monday? I like it! 🙂 The hotel is not the one from the Eagles’ song. I think I heard that The Del is actually more the inspiration, but who knows, this one may have been named after the song. Anyway, i was hoping someone would catch that detail. Glad you did. 🙂

    • You will love it if you like veg/vegan food. You seem to know SF quite well. If you like vegan asian cuisine, you will also want to check out Loving Hut. 🙂

      • I am vegetarian, and I have tried Loving Hut (in both their locations in San Diego) and have not really warmed up to much of their food except their cabbage salad. For some reason, I find that Asian vegan/vegetarian food that utilizes fake meat tends to be too salty. However, the vegetarian restaurant featured hear, looks classy and simple. I cannot wait to try it!

        • [edited 11:50 am PDT] Yes, some of the food is salty though I usually get their noodle soups, so it’s not bad. You will really like Millennium, but I forgot to mention this on post…make sure you make reservations ahead of time. Very busy place. 🙂 Another place you may have heard of or have been to is Greens. Another lovely vegetarian place. I think I’ve wrote about all three…

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