Strolling around Old Town San Diego

Cosmopolitan Hotel

We strolled around Old Town San Diego.

We didn’t really see much. We went there in the late afternoon closer to dinner time. Except for the restaurants and the Whaley House which we will explore later, almost everything was closed…

I thought we were going to see a lot of really old Spanish architecture, etc. I guess I had an idea of what Old San Diego was supposed to look like, but it wasn’t what I imagined.

Have you guys experienced that?

Went somewhere expecting one thing and instead, experienced something completely different?

I guess that’s also the thrill of travel. I have to admit that I was disappointed, but soon got over it.

Who am I to complain?

The blessing of travel is that you get away from the norm. To get away just a little (or a lot) and to rediscover who you are…

Isn’t that what travel is all about?

Looking back, we still managed to see some nice architecture like the church with the beautiful blue dome (closed) and some old buildings that look like museums and these markets that were selling souvenirs.

I saw this little bird trying to get its din din. Unfortunately, I think I scared it away because it didn’t know I was watching. Sorry!!!

I hope you were able to get your din din when we left you alone.

Do you know what kind of bird this is?

We also saw some pretty flowers. I only took a picture of this one. Beautiful shade of sunny yellow… 

Wishing you all a beautiful day. xxoo

17 responses to “Strolling around Old Town San Diego

  1. I’ll bet it would look more “Old West” if they had dirt streets rather than pavement/concrete. But then I guess it would extremely filthy. Enjoyed the photos!

  2. Hey ft – great photos – I’ve been in most of those spots! Hope you are great! x iz

    • Hi izziedarling! I am doing great, just busy. 🙂 If i knew that you had been there before, i would have email you beforehand. 🙂 i will go to your blog a bit later.

  3. Beautiful photos and scenery my friend – when I went to Cairo, I was expecting ancient Egypt and it was not till I saw the pyramids that I appreciated being there 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Actually…I heard it’s got the June gloom meaning that around summer it gets totally foggy. Weird uh? I get that here everyday, so that would not be good though I do love the fog, don’t get me wrong. 🙂

  4. I do know what you mean about a place not meeting the expectations we had in our minds. I can’t think of a specific example right now, but I do know the feeling. I love the blue sky in your photos and the blue church steeple, too! And as far as I can tell that’s a house sparrow or English sparrow, which is actually in the finch family. They’re common city birds and were imported into the US in the 1850s. They love city living – we have them here in New Orleans!

    • Hi Carla. It was such a nice day that day. I felt so bad for ruining his dinner. He made a little screeching noise before he flew off. Anyway, I think you and Texas both said it’s a sparrow, so I guess that’s that. Thanks for coming by. 🙂

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