Ahoy mate!

Stop raining although we are expecting more of that in the coming days…

As promised, here are more pictures of the ship exhibits at the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. This historical park is in Fisherman’s Wharf , near Ghirardelli Square and Aquatic Park, which makes it extremely easy to find if you are planning a visit and because of its location, a very good thing for the park as that enables them to keep it open. The bad part is that because it’s in a very touristy spot, most locals do not come here because they don’t like touristy things. Personally, I think they are missing out because this is a historical gem and definitely a great treat for those interested in nautical history or just history in general….

We recently did some volunteer work here, and it’s so amazing to be part of that experience. Check out some of my photos below. Have a wonderful Friday and weekend everyone. I will be posting again on Sunday where we will explore more of the ships (inside and outside) and on upcoming posts, more of San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. Food postings will be coming back next week as well. I did promise that we will explore more than food this year… Ahoy:)

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