Leopold’s: Bavarian Brunch in the City

We haven’t done brunch in a while, so we were looking to try a new place. Happened to find Leopold’s. Leopold serves Bavarian styled food. Bavaria is a state in Germany bordering Austria, Switzerland, and Czech Republic. We have tried some Bavarian foods elsewhere but not in a restaurant setting, so this was a treat. The portions are huge and they serve a good selection of beer for brunch. Just wonderful ambience and staff was really nice. One special mention is that they make their sauerkraut on site, so it tasted really fresh.

Less writing on this one and more pictures though I did take these on my phone so it didn’t come out looking so good (sorry)… I absolutely love the decor of the restaurant and the cute outfits the staff wears.

Leopold’s | 2400 Polk Street | San Francisco
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9 responses to “Leopold’s: Bavarian Brunch in the City

  1. Okay.. you are no longer allowed to post these type of food dishes anymore. Because I am sitting here drooling profusely lol. I love it though lol 🙂

      • what i should have said to you, “stop drooling and get a fork!” see i come up with semi-brilliant things to say in the middle of the night when i should be sleeping. Lol. Have a great evening and day~ 🙂

    • and you are… 😉 (as soon as someone invents something that allows us to reach over into the screen and taste something..) thanks Renee! so sweet of you to say that…

  2. I could just eat my screen right now – I am not even kidding
    This is so wow!

    Choc Chip Uru
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    • Aw, thanks Choc Chip Uru. 🙂 Although I don’t want you to hurt yourself by eating your screen. lol. Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting. Appreciate that. 🙂

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