On the Bridge: Yoshoku meals with anime

We recently went to On the Bridge which is a Japanese restaurant serving Yoshoku style dishes. Yoshoku means western food. So this restaurant is a Yoshokuya because it’s a “house” / restaurant in this case, that serves western inspired food. Okay, that’s all the Japansese I do know. The rest you can read on Wiki. 🙂

I find that a lot of Japanese American food we have today is essentially a type of Yoshoku-styled food, but this place apparently specializes in it. They serve things like spaghetti, currys and gratins. What we did end up ordering was more Japanese though they are made a tad differently here. For example, the gyozas were made vegetarian where at most other places, it was made from pork. We also tried their curry and donburi on this visit. While we ate, we watched some anime from the counter. It’s a cute place over the bridge inside the Japan Center Mall, but it’s a pretty small restaurant. I believe the owner is also the chef and they also have one waitress, but on our visit, besides taking our order, the chef was doing all the work by himself, so it can be a tad on the slow side.

On the Bridge | 1581 Webster Street | San Francisco

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