Cafe Bunn Mi: Delicious Bahn mi and more

Yes. I am writing about yet another sandwich spot. It seems like we are all on a roll around here. Lol.

Cafe Bunn Mi is a neighborhood café that serves Vietnamese street food. This is a place where you come in, pay, grab a number, and they will deliver the food to your table. Or you can do a takeout since space is limited. Either way, I think the food is really yummy here.

My recommendation for you to try is the crispy duck sandwich but the other sandwiches are just as good. For example, the combination sandwich is flavorful and satisfying and the pork belly sandwich is wonderfully delightful. If you don’t feel like sandwiches, you can also try their pho or salads or rice plates, or…well, you get the idea. 🙂

Cafe Bunn Mi | 417 Clement Street | San Francisco
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8 responses to “Cafe Bunn Mi: Delicious Bahn mi and more

  1. I love Pho and vietnamese spring roll. I am so crazy about ca phe sua da (vietnamese ice coffee). And the sandwich ofcourse.
    My two favorite Asian country for culinary are Thailand and Vietnam, I think everybody there are born to cook. LOL.

  2. I can’t imagine me ever not feeling like a sandwich.. ever lol. And that sandwich just looks amazing. You always inspire what I will eat at lunch usually 🙂

    • Wow, really? I am really flattered. Well, your blog inspires me everyday to appreciate beautiful things, so if I can help inspire your lunch just a little bit, I feel very honored. 🙂

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