Weekend Special: Blog news and some more virtual destinations

Last Week’s Chocolate Giveaway:

Even though last Monday was a holiday here, we managed to get the chocolates all packaged up and ready to sent out on Tuesday. Yay! The boxing service told us that it will take about 7-10 days for the box to reach the UK where the winner currently resides, but that’s just fine. Hope it gets there sooner but 7-10 days is not bad at all.


Virtual Travel and Real Travel:  A beach vacation is definitely on my mind though when I will actually take such a vacation is still in the planning stage. We have plenty of lovely beaches here in California, but there are also lovely beaches in other parts of the world…

One day I may just be blogging away on a beach. Where that would be is still a mystery… We all need to get away once ina while right? Meanwhile, I want to share with you some beautiful places that I have found and pinned. I am seriously addicted to Pinterest. Such a great service.

So any favorite beach vacations you want to share??? Local or far away? Feel free to tell me about them by commenting or if you want to direct me to your blog to share… Always up for learning on where to go and places to see… Thanks in advance!


Feeling nostalgic today… I spent one of my birthdays in Hawaii, so it was and still is a special place… Can’t wait to go back~ Other places that I haven’t been to but I think are beautiful are Costa Rica and Thailand! 🙂


6 responses to “Weekend Special: Blog news and some more virtual destinations

  1. My favorite beach would be Panama City Beach in Florida. It’s near my family’s home and we visit every 2 years. It’s just beautiful. Now I want a vacay even more lol.

    • Hi Kay. Panama City Beach sounds like a relaxing and wonderful beach. Thanks for sharing and I will definitely check it out. I hope you get a vacation soon…I know that I do. 🙂

  2. The Caribbean may be a bit far away for you, but that’s where I’ve had my best beach vacations. For lovely luxury, La Source in Grenada — we went to Grenada for five winters in a row at one point in our lives. But for the very best — best white sand beaches, and true gourmet food — I don’t think it’s possible to beat Anguilla. Of course, you’ll be spending money like it’s going out of style. (I had a short but amusing chat with John Malkovich at a resort on Anguilla a few years back.)

    • Wow, that sounds wonderful! And that’s so great that you met John Malkovich. He’s an awesome actor and we really like his work. 🙂 I will jot these recommendations down and some day…who knows, maybe… 🙂

  3. I’m addicted to pinterest too. I just can’t stop pinning stuffs. LOL
    I wanted to go to Palau, it’s on Pacific. I read that if we dive, we can find very huge whales.

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