The Melt: Fancy cheese melt with or without bacon

The Bay Area is churning out some delicious sandwich options that even a non-sandwich person will love.

On this visit, I tried the Brie/Apple Butter on Wheat with an add of bacon. 🙂 You can add tomato also but I skipped it this time…

Take the latest example of The Melt. The Melt makes artisan cheese sandwiches grilled to perfection and combine it with options of tomatoes and free bacon. Limited menu but exceptional good sandwiches. I also hear that they make soups but I haven’t tried that yet.

And the staff at the Embarcadero location? Some of the best customer service people I have seen lately. After experiencing so much rudeness elsewhere, it’s so nice and refreshing to experience genuine hospitality. They are professional and yet make you feel welcome while you wait for your sandwich to be made. The store is also clean and beautifully simple. I love the ordering board that flashes out your order on where they are in the process of making your sandwich, thus combining newer technology with old-fashioned charm.

The Melt | 1 Embarcadero Center | San Francisco, CA
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  1. Few things are as yummy as a hot, properly made sandwich. The French classic, the Croque Monsieur, is essentially a grilled ham and cheese, with sauce on it. It’s nicely made at a café in Castelnaud, about 10 kms north of Daglan, and I’ve had it there a few times, with very good fries. But I try to keep my sandwich-eating to a minimum, since it’s one of those things that seems to put on weight very quickly. Thanks for your report!

    • Hi Loren. Yes, I have tried Croque Monsieur before. That sandwich is really yummy and yes, fattening. Thanks for the recommendation of where to go also. Appreciate that. 🙂

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