Scoma’s of Sausalito: Amazing view with your Cioppino

Scoma’s is one of those places that out-of-town folks would tell me about and recommend me to visit. As a local, I don’t always frequent places that others visiting recommend because, frankly, what do they know? I have lived here practically since forever, and they are here for only one week, maybe two weeks, tops.  Sheesh. Lol. But I have wanted to go to Scoma’s for a long while because this place seems like such an institution and because of the wonderful feedbacks from tourists and out-of-town folks and even some locals. So yes, we tried it late last year. And yes, I am late about writing this because things just kept coming up, so I just continue to bump this down. I digress. There are two Scoma’s. One at Fisherman’s Wharf and one in Sausalito. We went to the one in Sausalito.

Scoma’s in Sausalito is a cute place with a wonderful view. To get to the best tables with a water view, you walked through the galley (kitchen) where all the staff is busy getting your orders filled, so just be careful as they hurried about as you walked through. The food is a tad on the expensive side as this is a seafood restaurant and built on their reputation, but the food is good on this dining experience. We like our clam chowder though to be perfectly honest, you can get about the same at Boudin and that comes in a sour dough bowl. Anyway, the Crab appetizer was great simply because they gave us so much crab but I don’t usually eat crab so it was a big deal. And the Cioppino was excellent. Love the Cioppino. The broth, the seafood, everything. 🙂

Here are some pictures of that dining experience.

Scoma’s Sausalito | 588 Bridgeway | Sausalito, CA
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4 responses to “Scoma’s of Sausalito: Amazing view with your Cioppino

  1. It’s always a toss up for me sometimes when it comes to restaurants.. should I consider food prices or good food? I know of amazing places that are reasonably prices and bad places over priced. But, to be a foodie you have to venture out and try as much as you can. So with the view, the the food, I would certainly visit this place 🙂

    • Hi Kay, totally agreed on those points. Sometimes we really plan for a restaurant only to be disappointed but sometimes we are like, let’s try this place and find out that it’s really a great place! That’s just part of the really find the gem. And sometimes it’s just affirming what others’ are saying all along.

  2. yes, it is cute place, I like the wooden building. The food looks nice. I think it’s ok if it’s a little expensive, sometimes we just have to try to be tourist, even in our own hometown 😀

    I have posted the award you gave me.

    • Yeah, we play tourist here sometimes and it’s just nice way to really know the City. And I will pop over to see your post. 🙂

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