Winships Restaurant: Good brunch, friendly server

According to their website, the “Winships Restaurant located at 670 Bridgeway is the oldest brick building in Sausalito. Built in 1875 by Fred Fiedler it was the town general store.” After it changed hands several times and more renovations, it finally became Winships Restaurant. To read more about this restaurant’s history, see their website.

Winships’ breakfasts/brunch are great and our server was very nice. She constantly circled back to us to check on us, our food, our water. And we noticed that we weren’t the exception. All of her other tables received similar services, so it was great to experience that. It could be just this server though but we like to call out good service when rendered.

Below are pictures of our brunch. The eggs wer excellent.

Winships Restaurant | 670 Bridgeway | Sausalito, CA
Winships on Urbanspoon

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    • Lol, I know…I was looking at the last picture earlier today and I was like…hmm…that look pretty darn delicious if I say so myself. Anyway, I hope you had a great lunch!

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