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Tried out this incredibly easy recipe this weekend and we had a blast! I just love the name because it’s really odd…It’s Bear Turds. Imagine offering this to someone, “Here, have some Bear Turds. You will really like it!” Lol.
So G was highly skeptical about making these things call Bear Turds, but I convinced him that it is going to be good. And we made it per recipe minus the sugar since we thought the PB has enough for our taste, and it turned out subtle but great!
Of course, being a chocoholic, I modified the recipe to include Nutella for the second batch. 😉 And that came out super good! And we also added coconut to it because we don’t ever get snow and we wanted some… Ahhh…good times!
Thanks walksonstilts for sharing and will be making this Bear Turds again really soon because according to G, “I never thought I will say this, but these Bear Turd things are pretty delicious!”


Today was an extension of the holiday season.  Christmas has come and gone.  My hangover from New Year’s has finally faded into memory just as Martin Luther King Jr’s speeches have faded from the radio waves.  What better timing for the best holiday of all?  After months of buildup the skies finally fell with a twenty-four hour and counting dump of powdery white.

I celebrated with friends on a forest service trail that follows a valley all the way up to the local ski hill.  We did not quite make it to the groomed slopes, but for us admission was free and the down hills were long.  We had all we could want, quiet, space, snow, and oh ya, we even had a dog around who loves catching snowballs in her mouth.

While the dog munched snowballs, we munched on a snack fit for a snow day.  I call them…

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  1. Lisa, Thanks for sharing this post! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed your “bear turds” so much. I like your idea to add coconut. I’ll do that in the future. I just enjoyed checking out your blog. I have relatives in your neck of the woods, and will let them know this is a fun place to find local food tips. And back to the coconut, you may not get snow out in San Fran, but I think I’d trade the snow for a little fresh produce about now.

    • Thanks walksonstilts! Your cookie recipe is easy to make, nutritious, and funny, what’s there not to like? Besides, I am trying to eat healthier and oatmeal goes right along with that plan. And thank you for letting your relatives know about my little blog…appreciate that. 🙂

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