dinner @ Prima Ristorante

My boss decided to take her team to dinner and we dined at Prima.

Prima is an upscale Italian restaurant in Walnut Creek. Food is fantastic!

Service is good though on this visit, we sat near their waiter’ station and got very distracted from all the noise they were making (utensils dropping on floor, dishes being dropped, glasses getting smashed, and at one point, waiter tripping over one of my boss’ coat.)

Back to food. Didn’t get a picture of the Affettati Assortiti with cheese but it was an excellent platter of salumeria. Make sure you get some salumeria if you come here. This is what this restaurant is known for…

I ordered a mixed green salad and the Grilled Niman Ranch Pork Rib Chop (with
Winter Fruit Compote and Spinach.) Perfectly executed and delicious. The chops were done perfectly so it’s cooked but not dry. The fruit compote offer just enough citrus flavor but not overwhelm your palate. And the spinach is almost always a welcome side dish in my opinion.

Didn’t taste what others had but according to them, all food ordered was delicious. The party ordered different things like Game Hen and NY Steak, etc.

For dessert, we shared the Cannoli Filled with Ricotta and Pistachio, Grappa Panna Cotta with Fresh Berries and Aged Balsamico, and a plate of Assorted Cookies. If these sound like something I would normally order, that would be correct.I think everyone was either super polite about dessert or super self-conscious/health conscious, so I took the chance to suggest getting a few interesting ones…for pictures and for tasting. Why not, right? 😉

Desserts were amazing. The presentation – especially the Cannoli dish the yellow stars/flowers/(ninja star flowers??) was very nicely done. Taste-wise, I tend to go for the creamier desserts, so the panna cotta is more my cup of tea and this one did not disappoint. It was creamy and have a very nice fruity flavor though did not taste any reduction of balsamic…

Overall, meal at Prima is excellent and would love to come back soon to try other dishes.

Prima | 1522 N. Main Street | Walnut Creek, CA

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