appetizers @ B Star Bar

Just a few yummy dishes featured here from B Star Bar, sister restaurant to the popular Burma Super Star down the block.


We really like the Yellow Bean Tofu with its crispy skin and the spiciness of the Grilled Calamari dish! These two dishes definitely made the meal very memorable.

But we thought the Portobello Veggie Fresh Spring Rolls were just average. However, the peanut sauce with just a kick of hoisin was the perfect lift to the otherwise humdrum rolls. While sounding exciting, the Crispy Duck Skin Fresh Rolls tasted dry and jerky-like. Very unfortunate as these rolls have so much potential.

Besides the Yellow Bean Tofu and Calamari being the highlights, we found the dessert of black rice pudding pretty awesome. Unfortunately, they ran out of coconut ice cream, so they sub it with ginger ice cream. Even though it tasted pretty good, we think it would have been better with the coconut ice cream.

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Overall, we would definitely come back to try more items as the food is generally good, they offer great happy hour specials, and the decor of the restaurant is pretty comfortable.

B Star Bar | 127 Clement Street | San Francisco, CA
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    • Kay, I am sorry that you don’t like tofu (or can’t eat it) because if done right, they taste really delicious. I do know that some people are allergic to tofu/soy products though… Funny thing is that even though I like tofu, I don’t like a lot of soy products like soy cheese or soy milk, etc. As for being a food critic? I think a lot of people are way better at that than I am. I just enjoy eating.. 🙂

      • I think to be a food critic.. you have to be honest and most really aren’t.. You are :). And no I;m not allergic to tofu.. I just have had some bad tofu and choose not to eat it. But you’re right.. with the right person making it.. I might like it

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