Raggae, Jerk Chicken, J-Pop Summit, Food Trucks @ Fillmore

We recently checked out several festivals that happened recently and in close proximity.

First up: The SF Reggae Festival (August 27) at Fillmore. Among the vendors there, we zero in on one that serves the Jerk Chicken. Served on top of rice and beans. It was delish! Yummy food and great music = Awesome start to a great day!

Second: After listening to some reggae, we ventured over to the J-POP Summit 2011 (August 27 and 28) about a block or two away where food trucks like Brass Knuckle, Chairman Bao, JapaCurry, and my favorite, Onigilly (favorite because I like saying “Onigilly”. Say it super quick 5x) seem to dominate the food scene. Non-food vendors include but not limited to artists, visual designers, and anime artists that show off their wares of posters, t-shirts, crafts, and cards. I brought a few pretty cards from this event. 🙂

Definitely two fun events to check out (again) NEXT year!

6 responses to “Raggae, Jerk Chicken, J-Pop Summit, Food Trucks @ Fillmore

  1. I only *just* had jerk chicken for the first time in East London a few months ago. I think it’s one of the tastiest thing I’ve ever eaten in a good long while! And rice and beans … yum!

  2. We love jerks in our house. Oh, chicken and pork and such. We had a Cajun themed Thanksgiving and had jerked pork which was very, very good. Your picture makes my mouth water.

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