Liège Waffle @ Bloem ‘n Sugar – CLOSED

Bloem ‘n Sugar

Can’t go to Belgium this Summer? No worries. You can now indulge your sweet tooth with two kinds of waffles at Bloem ‘n Sugar.

Located inside the Westfield Center near BART and MUNI stations. (It’s somewhat hidden if you don’t look for it.) You can get your treat before or after leaving public transit. (Please wash your hands before you start eating…)

Liège style waffle

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What’s unique about Bloem n’ Sugar? Apparently they serve the Liège Waffle aside from the regular Belgian waffle. The Liège waffle is a highly specialized and sort-after waffle even in Europe.  According to European Cuisine, (click on the link and you get the recipe too!) the waffle “has a significant crunch due to the small nuggets of “pearl sugar” that are added to the batter just before baking. These bits of sugar melt when being baked on the waffle iron and caramelize, producing a sugary crust like what’s found on top of a creme brulée.”

It was my first time eating this waffle, but it was delicious enough that I wanted seconds.

Bloem ‘n Sugar | 865 Market Street | San Francisco, CA

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  1. I can’t go to Belgium this summer but at least I can experience it through your blog :). I’ve only heard of pearl sugar once so these waffles are definitely unique. Very nice.

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