dinner @ Tempura House II

Tempura House II got very mixed reviews from a lot of reviewers. Thankfully, we did not read any of them until after we ate there to form our own opinion.

Food at Tempura House II was actually okay for us, but the service was very slow. I think the Chef was also our waiter and we basically had the place to ourselves at around 7 p.m.  on a recent Friday night which is almost unheard of at other places. Is it possible that this is more of lunch place?

Embarrassingly, I actually put the wrong write-up and pictures. The correct posting matching the pictures I previously published on this write-up will be up soon. We actually had the beef teriyaki, a salmon roll, and a California roll at Tempura House II. We like the beef teriyaki the most. Pictures below.

Tempura House II | 171 Second Street | San Francisco, CA

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Beef Teriyaki

Shrimp Tempura Roll

Salmon Roll

Another view of the Salmon Roll

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  1. I like going to restaurants on slow days.. but it depends which restaurant lol. But this restaurants food looks good. I love the Donburi Beef Bowl.. very nice. Wonderful review

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