sightings @ Alamo Square

Alamo Square Park

On a sunny day, you can see the Transamerica Pyramid

Alamo Square, a beautiful patch of San Francisco! The neighborhood surrounding the area can be a bit rough at times, but on a nice sunny day, one can pack a picnic lunch, a sweater (in case of wind), and laid on the grass to enjoy the day. Oh, there’s plenty to see, too.

Enjoy my 300th post and the weekend! xoxo

some tall trees provide a bit of shade

and trees are just nice to have in the park...

Mostly, people come here to see the 'painted ladies'

Because they are beautiful!

We can't see Russia from here, but we do see downtown SF! (And this lovely couple in front of us.)

The painted ladies have similar but distinctively different looks

Their porches look nice and welcoming!

2 responses to “sightings @ Alamo Square

  1. Seeing these homes really remind me of the old show “Full House”. I love it but the hills would scare me to drive on lol. Love these photos 🙂

    • The hills aren’t that bad in this neighborhood…at least I don’t think so. I think a lot of times they use footage of hills in other parts of SF and then cuts right to these houses, so you think they were a lot steeper than they are. Anyway, Full House is a great show! 🙂

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