lunch @ The de Young Cafe

bahn mi and a slice of zucchini bread

a version of bahn mi

inside the bahn mi

ceiling shot of the de young cafe

pretty lights on ceiling

Cafeteria style eating at the de Young Cafe. Long wait.

We opted out of waiting at the de Young café by getting their sandwich special-of-the-day, the spicy bahn mi. Bahn mi is a Vietnamese sandwich made with a french baguette. The de young’s cafe’s version is okay, but I don’t think it is totally authentic and has way too much mayo. There are other food there too, but we didn’t order them because the wait is too long. We did get a slice of zucchini bread and it was very tasty.

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8 responses to “lunch @ The de Young Cafe

    • You know what’s so funny? The sandwich looks way prettier than it actually tasted… LOL. I need to take photos of bahn mi from places where I actually like the sandwich(es).

  1. I agree with Kay, that sandwich looks delish! I first learned about Bahn Mi watching the “Food Truck Race” on Food Network and have been wanting to try one ever since. I know I am totally missing out…thanks for sharing the sandwich and the museum!

    • I hope you get to try an authentic bahn mi soon. 🙂 It’s really delish! By the way, this one in the photo looks good, but tasted just okay.

  2. Let the photos do the talking!!:) The French baguette sandwich looks like a large serving to me..and I can see that there’s lots of mayo in it too! This is a unique Vietnamese sandwich…don’t think we have them around here..:p

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