my view inside the de Young Museum

Hamon tower

Image via Wikipedia

We recently revisited the de Young Museum because of the Balenciaga exhibit.

Unfortunately, no pictures allowed at the Balenciaga exhibit, but here are a few pictures of our visit. Pictures of our lunch at the museum café and maybe a few snaps of the other museum collections will be up on my next post. Enjoy and hope everyone is having a great weekend.

First image is courtesy of Wikipedia.

The next few images were taken by me inside the museum on the 2nd floor looking out at the front entrance.

view of museum's entrance

man walking toward the museum entrance

man opening door of the museum to enter

man entered and museum slowly closing after him

view of museum's entrance

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  1. Foodtable.. I am soooo happy you picked up a camera because you took such a great shot. I knew when you picked up the camera again it would be wonderful… I knew it 🙂

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