lunch @ Va di Vi Bistro & Wine Bar

A bunch of us went to Va di Vi to enjoy a lunch celebration weeks ago. The restaurant is lovely, food fabulous, and attentive wait staff! We enjoyed the experience very much!

Va di Vi Bistro & Wine Bar | 1511 Mt. Diablo Blvd | Walnut Creek, CA

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Prices range from $3.00 soup to $15.00 plate of ahi tartare. Dishes are a bit on the expensive side (avg. per dish at lunch $10.90) as they serve their dishes as tapas, so you will have to order a bunch to really get full, but everything was delicious and well worth it.

Some of what we ate:

mediterranean sampler

chilled prawn-mango spring roll

roasted beet salad

roasted butternut squash

butternut squash raviolis

spinach gnocchi

chicken adobo & coconut rice (a bit too salty for my taste)

lechon  (crispy pork belly)

braised boneless short rib

prawns diablo

roasted alaskan black cod

a few desserts to share

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  1. Oh my foodtable, this looks absolutely divine. The prices are kinda expensive since it’s runs like a tapas place, but they look absolutely delish. I love the pictures. Great post yet again 🙂

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