huge calamari @ Gladstone’s 4 Fish Restaurant LAX

G and I were waiting for a flight and we had a few hours to go and nothing to do, so we went eating after browsing around (nothing much to see). He ordered a burger and I ordered a calamari. I thought it was going to be a small plate for us to share and then this ginormous martini glass showed up piled high with calamari.

“Holy mackerel, is that for moi?” I inquired as the waiter laughing hysterically put it on our table.

“You want a picture with it, eh?” He asked, still laughing.

“Sure” I replied, “I will take it myself, thanks.”

He walked away still laughing.

The calamari is kind of chewy and hard to eat. They line the bottom of the big glass with fresh potato chips though, so that was pretty good. I have no idea about G’s burger. He woofed the burger down while I was still gobsmacked. This restaurant is definitely more drinking than eating, but this is certainly a novel way to lure people back for more…

If you like stuff like this in an airport, this is it.

Gladstone’s 4 Fish Restaurant | LAX Terminal 3, Gate 34

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4 responses to “huge calamari @ Gladstone’s 4 Fish Restaurant LAX

  1. I love how you travel. I am so envious of that because I need to start traveling alot more. But I came across an article that spoke about the best airport restaurants and here you are posting about this. I think I should post that article now lol. Great post.

    • Don’t. It’s not that much traveling compared to lots of other people that seem to be trekking all over the earth. Lol. Funny I felt the same when I was working f/t and going to school and felt really left out b/c I couldn’t go anywhere, so now that I have a bit more time (not really) I try to have a little fun. But I will be going back to school soon, so we will see less of everything soon enough.

  2. With a few hours to spare before my flight I was pleasantly surprised to see Gladstones at LAX. My wife and I have enjoyed many a great meal at the Malibu establishment.

    Very quickly it was very apparent that the LAX version was *nothing* like the malibu version. The service was terrible. The rice and the beans tasted like something from a TV dinner and the overall experience was completely awful. I ordered a drink from the bar and it was the smallest alcoholic beverage I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It was whiskey on the rocks and there couldn’t have been more than 1/2 a shot in the glass. At $7.o0 it was outrageous. After my Gladstones LAX experience I wished I had saved my money and eaten at Burger King across the way (and i HATE FAST FOOD, BUT EVEN BURGER KING WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER THAN THIS.) Trust me this is not Gladstones 4 Fish. This is a masquerade.

    • Thanks for commenting. We have never been to the Malibu restaurant so we can’t compare, but like you, we didn’t want to eat fast food, so we ended up here. I didn’t like the calamari because it was chewy but did appreciate the gimmicks.

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